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Even as a freelance social media management professional, I'm often surprised at the unmatched social networking capabilities of LinkedIn. Just by including career-centered keywords in my LinkedIn Summary, I can be found by professionals all across the globe.

Such was the case for Max Nelson, owner and co-founder of Hasta Cuba, a travel company specializing in connecting travelers with local experts and resources in the country of Cuba. Max was seeking some part-time social media assistance in order to grow Hasta Cuba's following and increase brand awareness.

@HastaCuba Instagram

Although the Hasta Cuba Instagram account was alive with the colors of Cuba, it would take frequent posting and inspiring calls-to-action in order to see a real return on investment. With Max's blessing, I am able to integrate user-generated content into Hasta Cuba's Instagram feed and Story on a daily basis, contributing to a substantial increase in followers. 

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A quality social media following expects quality content from the brands they choose to follow. Since Hasta Cuba's arsenal of content skewed more visual, it was important to post valuable content that would not get overlooked in a digital space.

Hasta Cuba's desired audience values travel-focused content. We took the opportunity to pair travel advice with Hasta Cuba's branded photography to create #TravelTipTuesday, a weekly Instagram and Facebook campaign. 

Hasta Cuba Facebook

It is crucial that Hasta Cuba's Facebook presence represents the human nature of the business itself. Not only do we want to stream useful and inspiring content to potential Hasta Cuba customers, it is imperative that we hone in on Facebook's targeting capabilities in order to reach the right audience. With a mix of organic, boosted, and paid advertisements, Hasta Cuba's Facebook page is well on its way to reaching our goal of 1,000 quality followers by the end of the summer.

Please note that the above project is ongoing and that the content may change based on my client's needs without an update to this website.

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